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A Happy dog makes for a happy owner. Dogs are like humans, keen for interaction, entertainment and something different. Just by changing up your routine a little can result in a happier dog.  Here are our top 5 tips

TIP #1 - Switch Up Your Walking Routine

Taking the same walking route can be dull and boring for you and your dog. Trying to take your dog on a different route in your neighbourhood, or even try a different park, hike or the beach (where permitted).

TIP #2 - Rotate your Dog’s Toys

Just like children, dogs get bored of their toys. You do not need to give your dog access to all of their toys at the same time. Try only giving them one or two toys at a time and rotate the toys, daily, weekly or every month. Watch how excited they are when their favourite squeaky toy reappears in the mix after a break!

TIP #3 - Make a play date for your dog

We all love hanging out with our mates, and your dog is no different. Make some time to hang out with other dog owners. Whether it is at the dog park or having a catch up with your mate and their dog, your dog will feel energised and revitalised.

TIP #4 - Take your dog out for a treat

Cafés catering to dogs are popping up all over the place. Whilst you are treating yourself to that morning coffee on the weekend, choose a cafe that also offers a treat for your dog, such as a puppacino, carob paws or bones. It can also be a good chance for your dog to socialise with other dogs.

TIP #5 - Take your dog to visit family/friends

Dogs are social, just like humans. If possible, when you are going out or visiting family and friends, take your dog with you. It is also a great way to let them interact with different people. There are several dog friendly bars around now, so get your dog loving friends together with you and your four-legged favourites and enjoy a sneaky wine or beer.  


January 21, 2019 — Benjamin Harrington

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