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Sometimes, it is simply a fact of life that we will be required to leave our dogs at home alone for certain periods of time, but are you left feeling guilty when you do so?  

How could we not feel guilty when we see those big puppy eyes looking back at us as we close the front door? It’s Heartbreaking!

As our work days appear to get longer, dog owners are looking for options to alleviate owner guilt and find solutions to ensure our dogs are entertained whilst alone. We all use different tips and tricks when we leave our dogs at home to try and prevent boredom and anxiety.

Here are some of the things existing dog owners have tried, but feel free to share your success stories with us!

  • Leaving a radio or TV on
  • Setting up a webcam or interactive pet camera
  • Using a crate or swaddle jacket to create safety and security
  • Leaving chew bones or toys
  • Using doggie day-care and dogwalkers
January 21, 2019 — Benjamin Harrington

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