As Chief Dog Snuggler, Ben in his element with his days being all about dogs and managing all aspects of SnuggleDogz. He is the master of all things techie and spends his waking moments (and many when he should be sleeping!) striving to make the customer experience for our community an amazing one.

Ben is quite the fashion guru and has been the driving force behind our designs - making sure our range is stylish, practical, and fits the personality of your dog. Ben has a great passion for what he believes in, and jumps in with both feet - so you will hear Ben thinking, living, and breathing SnuggleDogz most of the time! There is no off button with Ben and the winner in that is our SnuggleDogz community - you can rest assured his next brilliant idea is already in the making!

Ben is dad to our D.E.O Sadie, and when he's not working you will find him hanging out with his two favourite people - Sadie and Andrew (and probably in that order!)


Jenny’s favourite kind of person is definitely dogs, and she loves making sure your experience with SnuggleDogz leaves you and your pup feeling special. Being our customer experience guru is perfect for Jenny as she loves to chat and help, so getting to connect with our community through social media and emails means she can talk dogs all day!

She is passionate about making SnuggleDogz what her and Ben envisioned, making it all about you, our customer, and ultimately the special pups in our lives and communities. Easily distracted by our D.E.O, Jenny loves hanging out with Sadie and spoiling her. There is nothing like a bit of Sadie, coffee and wine (maybe not in that order!) for inspiration, and the next idea or design for SnuggleDogz is never far away!


Andrew is putting his creative flare and social media addiction (finally!) to good use as our Chief Inspiration Officer.

He is responsible for our photography on our website and has creative input into our social media. He is a perfectionist at heart, and this combined with his creativity, has resulted in the best showcasing of our products for you to browse on our website. Dad to our gorgeous D.E.O, he has honed his dog photography skills with Sadie as the perfect model. I am not sure how he captures the perfect moments, but Sadie is not beyond being bribed for a good photo!

With his keen eye for detail and flare for fashion, he has been instrumental in finalising our designs and product range for you. When not working, Andrew can be found hanging out with his family - Ben and Sadie, on their latest adventure, scouting the next great photo opportunity.      


Sadie owns her position as Dog Executive Officer (D.E.O), filled with sass and personality, she pretty much has everyone wrapped around her little paw. She works hard and plays hard - and sleeps a lot! Sadie is always up for modeling our accessories, and accepts payment in the form of treats and snuggles (or accessories!)

Sadie has certainly adopted the personality traits of a teenager that knows it all - little Miss Cheeky keeps everyone at SnuggleDogz HQ on their toes.

No package leaves SnuggleDogz HQ without her lick of approval - so you can rest assured our product range is totally dog approved! When not a busy working dog at SnuggleDogz HQ, Sadie can be found out on a walk or at the park with her Dads.