Like many of the greatest ideas, the seeds of SnuggleDogz were sown over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc one sunny afternoon.

Being long time dog lovers, and having a puppy as the newest addition to the family, we struggled to find high quality, easily accessible dog accessories that emulated the personality of our sassy D.E.O Sadie (you can check her out on Instagram @ourstaffysadie, she's a bit of a poser!).

From that very first afternoon, SnuggleDogz began to evolve. Every single day from then on, if it wasn't a discussion or thought about dogs, we simply didn't want to know, and this has continued to excite and drive our creativity and passion ever since.

We have spent a lot of time getting to know our SnuggleDogz community, and finding out what was important to you, our customer. We love the stories you share with us about your dogs, and it has been an inspiration throughout the design of our product range.

In designing our product range, we wanted it to have style, personality and character. All our dogs have their own personality, and it is important to us that you can find a design that best suits your dogs personality. As with all good fashion, it is not just about creating the perfect look, we have created our product range with the highest quality, durable materials to ensure they stand the rough and tumble of everyday life. If style, quality and comfort are important to you and your dog, then our products are the perfect match for you.

SnuggleDogz isn’t just about dog accessories. Creating SnuggleDogz is the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate members of the dog community, spanning all corners of globe. From the outset, we committed to donating a percentage of our ongoing sales to dog charities, eventually servicing every single country that buys our products.

Please browse our store and product range, we would love to hear what you think.

You can now consider yourself officially Snuggled!

Ben and Jenny